CrisisOnCall and its mentor meets again after 8 years:  

Article as it appeared in the August 2004 Newsletter of



On 1 May 1996 the energetic Cornelia Raath was seriously injured during a motorcycle accident in Pretoria . Although she was a member of a very good medical fund, she had no documentation thereof with her. The accident resulted in numerous injuries that included a fracture of the skull.

“At the time of the accident I had no documentation or identification with me. For this reason I was refused access at two private hospitals and was eventually taken in at the former HF Verwoerd-hospital as ‘unknown'. I was left as brain dead to eventually die” – finesse (December 2000)

An eyewitness of the accident, who also acted as caring samaritan at the scene of the accident, arrived the next morning to enquire about her condition. He and a trauma team insisted on treatment for her. Cornelia would have been dead but today lives a very special life. She had to learn to walk, speak, etc. Al over and her inspiring message today encourages many thousands. Read her story on the internet at .

This incident, following by other similar incidents, resulted in ‘Project Cornelia'. The development of the CrisisOnCall identification system that talks on behalf of members when they can't . The inclusion of information about medical aid membership, allergies, chronic medication and disabilities on the CrisisOnCall system already resulted in the protection of life for thousands since its inception. We can today declare that none of our CrisisOnCall members, as far as we know, were taken to a provincial hospital if they were entitled to access to a private hospital. This is how Cornelia became the mentor in the development of the CrisisOnCall identification system.

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