Contact me as Motivational Speaker

God has now given me the boldness to share my story with groups of people.

If you need a motivational speaker (preferably in the vicinity of Pretoria -

but I believe God will provide if I'm needed anywhere else ...),

with the emphasis of my talk being on FORGIVENESS,

please contact me at

You can also contact me at:

Cell083 338 1499
Tel (012) 345 2834 (at home)
086 514 0199

PO Box 74948, Lynnwoodridge, 0040

Please note that my talk is given in Afrikaans or English, and lasts approximately 30 minutes

(after which I normally allow some time for questions to be asked).

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In the Afrikaans language, the word "VER-GIF-NIS" is used for "Forgiveness". If you just remove the "-GIF-" (meaning "poison") in the middle of the word, you will soon be immersed and completely covered with Jesus Christ's loving and mercifull "VERNIS" (meaning "VARNISH")

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