This article appear as it was originally published in Valley View, Autumn 2001 - where Valley View is the newsletter of the

Valley Methodist Church

The Reason behind all this?

A Dutch Christian Television company (ERIC VELU Productions) found my story on the Internet, and has produced a documentary drama on my testimony.

The researcher working on this was talking to the Lord on my life, and my relationship with the Lord, and this was the word that God has revealed to her about me:

He told her that He loves me ... He loves me so much and this was the way He could get me. He also told her that my condition is not forever. That in eternity I will be free, whole and gloriously able to relate to Jesus in every way, on every level - with a more astute mind, with a more strong and supple body.

All of this is due to God's great love for me - He could not bear to lose me for eternity. God is more than contempt with what I'm able to give Him now ... it is me that He wants.

It just goes to show: terrible things may happen to us in our lives, during which we may think "this is the end", but God has God the perfect long-term master plan for our lives in His mind ... terrible things that happen to us form just one more puzzle piece in God's perfect plan for us ...