TESTIMONY given at
Valley Methodist Church
services 18 June 2000

Regaining my ability to count!

I’m so happy! It’s now a week that I’ve been able to count, just as ... well ... all other people.

Please people, don’t take abilities that you have as just for granted - praise the Lord continuously for every ability that you have, however obvious and simple it may seem to be able to do it.

But anyway, getting back to my story:

Last week, while attending the Being Refreshed in the Holy Spirit-weekend, the Lord touched me at some time during the weekend. With shock and great excitement, I suddenly realised on Sunday morning hat I’ve got 10 fingers, instead of the usual 20 that I believed I had and insisted on since my accident. When confronted with this counting issue, I always believed that I was the only person that could count in this world, based on having had a distinction in 3rd year in Maths at University! Truth was, however, that I’ve never been able to count since my accident more than 4 years ago.

Anyway, somewhere between being filled by the Holy Spirit, experiencing God’s touch, and all your prayers, I regained my ability to count! Thank you so very much for all your prayers for me! God bless you all, and Praise God for answered prayers ... not in our time, but in His perfect time!

Just an update today on 10 December 2004:

Only recently I've started to understand numbers beyond 10 ... how exciting!

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