Our feline family

I adopted all feline children in the following pictures from the SPCA ... that's why they backed me up with legal representation in the court cases that followed:

Tom, Jerry and Charcoal - the three "legitimate" cats with whom I won

the Supreme Court case in 1998 (Click here to read the Pretoria News article)

The twins, Tom and Jerry, watching me from the top of my computer monitor

Charcoal, who sadly died during August 2000,

and was replaced by my first lady cat, Tinkerbell:

... giving a new meaning to the term "lap-top"!

Then I met and married Deon, who accepted/adopted the cats as

"our children", since I'm unable to have any children of my own

After both Tom and Jerry attended our wedding ceremony on the 31st of May 2003:

... having had prime seats at the front next to the minister ...

... sadly Tom also died during November 2003 ...

... making Jerry (with his awesome green eyes ) the only "survivor"

since the court case ruling in their/our/my favour

A rare photo taken of a normally very shy Sparky

A more recent photo of Tinkerbell

Our latest addition, Tiger ... with his personality, he is really one of a kind!

(I've never before owned a cat so loving and lovable, yet so full of mischief!)

Our 4 fur-coated, musical hot water bottles enduring the cold (May 2006)