Back to work after nearly 10 years!

Praise the Lord!

TESTIMONY given at

Valley Methodist Church

9:30 service 28 August 2005

Most of you know my story, and that a motorbike accident in 1996, causing serious brain injury, resulted in me being medically boarded from my job as an Electronic Engineer and on pension for the last nearly ten years.

Last week Friday evening, myself and Deon got a lift from a couple we've met for the first time, to attend a show at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre.

On the way to Johannesburg and back we had a wonderful conversation, and the man, who turned out to be the MD of a medical IT company, Trifour Systems, made a suggestion to me regarding their need for a computer programmer, leaving me with some food for thought.

I thought and prayed about what he said, and contacted him soon afterwards.

As a result I was contacted this Monday by his office, went for a job interview on the same day, and was immediately appointed as a computer programmer (in a language and applications completely new and unknown to me) in the medical field on a probation period of three months!

Although it's a big challenge with lots to get used to again, all the glory goes to the Lord for his healing and intervening power leading in me being employed once again for the first time in nearly 10 years (after a long and painful journey revolving around forgiveness), and I believe He will give me the strength to make the most of this opportunity! Click here to commit your life to Christ

A quick update (May 2006):

Click here to commit your life to ChristThe Lord has safely carried me through the initial three-month probation period, and I am now, nine months down the line, still happilly coding away and time-after-time (eventually) overcoming and coping with all new challenges I'm faced with.

I'm enjoying every single aspect of being able to work fulltime again: from new challenges, meeting deadlines, learning new things everyday, working and spending time with office colleagues ... to even being stuck in peaktime traffic ... I've really missed everything so much!

All the glory goes to the Lord for His miraculous healing, which took place in His perfect time, to make me celebrate Worker's Day earlier this month with dignity as a worker once again, in contrast with mourning the nine Workers' Days before this one.

Another quick update (Thurday 23 August 2007):

Today I have reached quite an important milestone and celebrated a completely lifechanging anniversary in my life:

It was exactly on this day, two years ago, when I started working as Software Developer at Trifour Systems (a Medical IT company) on a probation period of three months ... and here I am now, two years down the road ... although still quite dependant on notes and paper-printouts to compensate for my short-term memory problems ... I am still working at the same company in the same position, now a mere kilometre away from our new home (where our cats can now enjoy the luxury of a garden for the first time in their lives - Praise God!), yet day-by-day showing tremendous improvement in my brain function, with new neural paths being formed ... all because I'm NOW using and stimulating my gray matter, compared to the nearly ten (very frustrating) years before, during which I stayed at home, having been medically boarded as an Electronic Engineer.

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All the glory for this healing in my body (after a scary total of 46 operations/anaesthetics since my accident) goes to our Almighty Lord!
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